TeleConnect Therapies is available to bring the services of Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Clinical Psychologists to California’s rural communities through their local rural health facilities. Services are provided through videoconferencing using the latest technology. If you live in a rural community, ask your local health care facility if TeleConnect Therapies services are currently available. If not, your clinic representative can contact the TeleConnect Therapies offices through our web contact form, at, or by calling (310) 850-2960, to discuss starting services in your community.


Once a rural facility is contracted with TeleConnect Therapies, patients are able to go to their local clinic to receive therapy services using videoconferencing with therapists who are located in Southern California. TeleConnect therapists are available to treat a variety of conditions, including depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, traumatic stress, and behavioral issues common in children. However, TCT services may not be the most appropriate way to treat every condition. Please check with your rural facility for guidelines. Because insurance coverage for telemedicine services varies widely by insurance carrier, we recommend consumers discuss their coverage with their healthcare provider.


For patients who are referred to TeleConnect Therapies by their medical provider, the service is very similar to “face-to-face” therapy sessions. Using a special video conferencing system, you will see and hear the therapist on the high-definition television screen, and the therapist will hear and see you. There may be a slight delay between questions and answers, but patients typically get used to this slight delay quickly. The session is held just as if the therapist is in the room with you. The therapist may ask you to pick up one of the patient education booklets or workbooks available in the office to discuss together. For work with children, the therapist may ask the parent to give the child art supplies that are available in the office, and/or an activity page to draw or color.  At the end of the session, you return to the receptionist desk at the clinic to check out. The therapist will send medical records from your visit to the rural facility using confidential means. Visits are typically scheduled every 2-weeks, and you will be given the cell phone number of a TCT therapist to call in case of emergencies between sessions.

“TeleConnect Therapies has been instrumental in the launch of our Telemental Health Program. Never have we worked with

a more compassionate, kind, accommodating, patient-oriented provider. Patients and staff love working with Dr. Mueller!

She genuinely cares about her patients and will do anything in her power to help them.”

-Marilyn Vecchio, Director of Outpatient Services & Joanne Merrill, Certified Telehealth

Coordinator Bear Valley Community Healthcare District- Family Health Center