Licensed Clinical Psychologists. Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

TeleConnect Therapies (TCT) works closely with rural health facilities to develop a system of delivery tailored to each community’s specific needs. TCT provides contracted facilities the following services:

An initial face-to-face site-visit to meet the rural facility staff and providers and to answer any questions;


TCT schedules blocks of time to see patients, based on the needs of each rural facility. Scheduling of patients can be done by the rural facility or by TCT staff, at the preference of the facility.


Quality mental health assessment and treatment services are provided to patients with a wide variety of mental health diagnoses, both children and adults. TCT complies with practice guidelines for telemental health services published by The California Board of Behavioral Sciences, the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the American Telemedicine Association.


TCT maintains an extensive resource referral listing in each community and is able to provide referrals to patients to other needed services.


Patient medical records are transmitted at the end of each day of service. TCT therapists can use the clinic’s EMR for documentation if desired by the clinic.

Quick PsychoDiagnositic Panel assessments completed upon intake, and at least annually thereafter, to monitor patient progress (for more information see: QPD Panel Information)


Reminder calls to patients the day prior to scheduled appointments, and follow-up calls for missed appointments.


A supply of written patient-education materials and bus passes for patients.


Information on telepsychiatry services available to each RHC if such services are desired, and coordination of patient care services with psychiatrists.


Telephone availability for patients 7-days a week to a licensed mental health professional.


Work with each community’s existing system for involuntary psychiatric holds as needed.

"We (KVHD RHC) have been very happy with the services provided by TeleConnect Therapies. The management and providers are very easy to work with and are eager to make their program a success. The quality of patient care delivered is outstanding. All of our psychiatrists and medical providers are very comfortable with the mental health services provided by TCT. Patients of the RHC are extremely satisfied and look forward to their visits."

-Gregory Davis, P.A.-C., Manager Kern Valley Healthcare District - Rural Health Clinic