TeleConnect Therapies

Integrate behavioral health into your rural primary care clinic with streamlined telehealth therapy.


Meet the growing mental health needs of your rural community while relieving stress on your clinic.

Caring for the whole patient by integrating behavioral

health into primary care is proven to . . .

Increase Patient


Improve Clinical


Increase Staff


TeleConnect Therapies provides quality mental health assessment and treatment services to patients who present with a wide variety of mental health diagnoses, both adults and children.


We use evidence-based practices and comply with practice guidelines for telemental health services published by the American Telemedicine Associations and professional organizations.


your community, your clinic, and your staff.

Patients can overwhelm doctor's time with mental health issues

Mental health issues can interfere with patients meeting their clinical treatment goals

Schedules can be overbooked and staff are overtaxed

Clinics can struggle with recruitment and retention of mental health staff

Patients’ lack of access to local care can cause them to go without needed services or can cause delays in care

We understand how stressful and frustrating this can feel. We believe patients in rural areas shouldn't be cut off from the mental health services they need, and meeting those needs shouldn't be a burden on local clinics.

That's why we've been helping rural clinics integrate real-time, interactive teletherapy services into their primary care practices since 2009.

TCT is proud to be a CTN Preferred Specialty Care Partner

TCT is trusted by

Getting Started Is Easy





Schedule A Free Consultation


We'll seek to understand your existing programs and needs

Customize Your Program


Design a plan for success and contract for services

Therapist Credentialing


Application and approval of our staff in your environment

Provide Mental Healthcare


Serve the community and support your staff

Don't let a gap in mental healthcare disrupt the flow of your clinic.


Schedule a free consultation and fill the void to meet the growing mental health needs of your rural community while relieving stress on your clinic and your staff.

The teleConnect Promise

We will provide video-conference therapy during your desired hours and days, few or many

We will provide a licensed therapist via telephone for patients seven days a week

We will remind patients of scheduled appointments and follow up on missed appointments

We will not change clinics for canceled appointments

We will work with primary care providers and psychiatrists to coordinate patient care

We will supply patients with bus pass transportation as needed

We will provide patients and clinics with educational materials on mental health topics

All aspects of service are HIPAA-compliant

We will transmit patient medical records within one day of service using the Clinic's preferred method

We will refer patients to other community and social services as needed

About teleConnect Therapies


Telehealth Therapy for Rural Clinics

Many rural health clinics are overburdened because they can't meet their patient's mental health needs. At TeleConnect Therapies we provide teletherapy services to rural clinics using licensed therapists and evidence-based practices so they can reduce their burden and offer integrated, compassionate care to their communities.


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