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Upon launching our website, we gather information which helps us to better know our potential customer. When one visits our site, each computer/device is given a "cookie" as well as an ID number. A cookie is used to track the duration of your web visit, type of device used, which pages you frequent and what country you are form. Visitors will remain completely anonymous throughout their visit/s to our website. Teleconnect cookies do not follow visitors when traveling the internet when leaving our site.


The information we collect is not personally identifiable. We do not collect your name, phone number or address unless you provide it to us by filling out on of our contact forms. Teleconnect does not share any information gathered from Google Analytics to outside parties. We also do not share any personal information you provide to us when filling out a contact form.


You are able to block cookies on your browser by editing your privacy settings in your browser's settings menu.


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